Watch Live Football Online with beIN SPORTS CONNECT

Watch live football online

Football broadcast provider beIN SPORTS CONNECT offers round-the-clock online streaming services so that you can watch live football on an array of devices, ranging from your personal smart phone to your desktop.

Football matches are streamed in HD quality, delivered via high-speed servers to provide for a seamless and enjoyable streaming experience, so much so that the sheer intensity and excitement of a live football match can be felt anywhere and anytime with beIN SPORTS CONNECT!

Replay the action you missed!

beIN SPORTS CONNECT has a rewind function that allows one to revisit the part of the game he missed in a football match, especially when a goal has been scored or a red has been dished!

Never miss out on a single moment again, as Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea and Tottenham fight it out for the Premier League title.


beIN SPORTS CONNECT comes with various features to enhance the viewing experience:

  1. You can watch live football matches on a wide range of devices including your personal computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet and TV in HD quality.
  2. A rewind option that allows you to go back instantly to any moment during a football match. This is applicable even during the streaming of live football games.
  3. Alternatively, post-match viewing is also available online for up to seven days after a selected game has ended.
  4. Streamed matches are delivered in Thai and English commentary, with viewers able to select their preferred option.
  5. beIN SPORTS CONNECT comes with an alert option. You can now enable notifications to alert you of key events. The Red Devils just scored a goal? You will definitely know!

A variety of packages

Fans can look forward to the various packages on offer, with each optimally designed to ensure our consumer’s expectations are met.

  • 69 THB two-day package. An option that allows viewers to watch all available matches for 48 hours. You can enjoy a weekend of football and follow your favourite teams such as Man Utd and Liverpool.
  • 99 THB one-week package. There’s the Mersyside Derby, Manchester Derby and El Clasico coming up in the space of five days, what should you do? Get our one-week package, which will allow you access to a week’s worth of live football action.
  • 199 THB one-month package. This option is highly popular, as you gain access to beIN SPORTS CONNECT for one whole month and never have to worry about which match you want to watch.
  • 1,600 THB one-year package. The ultimate value deal that will get you huge savings and allow you to do away with the hassle of having to constantly renewing your package.

Access to the major leagues

Follow all the football matches from around the world! Watch how champions are made, from the beginning of a season till the end with our live football streaming service for leagues such as;

  • EPL (English Premier League)
  • LaLiga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • And many more leagues from around the world

For the full league list, please visit:

  • Premiere Leauge
  • Laliga


beIN SPORTS is a sports channel that has global presence across 40 over countries, broadcasting the best of football such as:

  • EPL (English Premier League)
  • LaLiga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • And many more leagues from around the world

beIN SPORTS CONNECT directly broadcasts licensed properties through online streams to active subscribing members. This means beIN SPORTS CONNECT subscribers can watch any match they want or catch-up on highlights that they missed.

Supports all viewing devices

Never miss out on a single match from around the world! beIN SPORTS CONNECT was customised for use on various devices;

  • On computer and laptop browsers
  • beIN SPORTS CONNECT application on Android and iOS smartphone and tablet
  • beIN SPORTS CONNECT application on Apple TV
  • On TV via Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay.

With multiple options to view a match on beIN SPORTS CONNECT will allow for an immersive experience that can be enjoyed by yourself and your friends, anytime, anywhere.

watch live football on all device

Why subscribe to beIN SPORTS CONNECT

If you love or enjoy football and want to watch live football matches from all the major leagues around the world, this is the ultimate football streaming experience that you cannot miss! Our exclusive licensing means only we can provide you with complete football coverage on demand.


  • beIN SPORTS CONNECT is a football broadcast provider via online streaming. It can be used across multiple device with an internet connection.

    This includes your personal computer, laptop, tablet, television set via Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay, and smartphone by beIN SPORTS CONNECT app, which is available on iOS and Android.

  • beIN SPORTS CONNECT live streaming service should be used with a high-speed broadband internet in order to view matches in HD quality with smooth playback.

  • Our intuitive system automatically detects and adjusts video playback so that you can watch football online smoothly from the beginning until the end of the match.

  • beIN SPORTS CONNECT offer different packages to match all football viewers’ needs. Every package is given full access to all features available, although they do differ in price range in accordance with the length of the deal.

  • beIN Sports CONNECT allows you to watch every football match online while beIN SPORTS will show selected matches chosen by local service providers.

  • You can subscribe to beIN SPORTS CONNECT at and you can use the following payment method;

    • Credit/Debit Card
    • True Money Wallet
    • ATM/Bank Transfer, Convenience Store (Big C, Tesco Lotus, Family Mart, CenPay, Thai Post, mPay Station)
    • Siam TOPUP

    In addition, you can subscribe via Apple iTunes In-App Purchase on iOS devices. 

  • Subscribe couldn’t be easier, you’re just a few easy steps away from watching live football online.